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Through our newsletter, we bring you the latest topics being discussed, oboe events and answers of interest to oboists of all capabilities. We are your double reed resource, specializing in the oboe family to serve your particular needs as an oboist, English hornist or oboe d’amour player.

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Text Box: crack in the upper joint, but it did not go through any tone holes, and was expertly repaired by Heidi Wolfgang. The instrument was also recently serviced by David Teitelbaum from Laubin Inc. Price: $ 4,200.00 
Posted: 	10/2/2004 	            Loree oboe, violetwood. Royal model. AK bore (OR, 2002). Recently serviced in January. This oboe is the top model made by Lorée. The walls of the bore are a bit thicker than other Lorée oboes thus producing a full, sweet projecting tone. Mechanism: low Bb, left F, forked-F resonance, low Bb resonance, Bb-B trill, articulated B-C# mechanism and G#-A trill, split ring D key AND 3rd octave key. Metal-lined tenons and adjustable thumbrest. Includes reed case, screwdriver, cork grease container and case cover. Adjustable thumbrest. Upper joint crack between 1st octave and trill keys professionally repaired. Violetwood is not as dense a Text Box: Posted: 	11/3/2004 	           Loree D model, purchased new 1976 in perfect condition, never cracked, minimal key tarnish, plays beautifully, rarely played on from 1982-1990. Price: $2800.00 
Posted: 10/23/2004 	              Rigoutat Expression oboe, seven years old, never cracked, in great condition. Selling to pay for a new oboe. Price: $3999.00
Posted: 	10/20/2004 	            Lorée model c+3 oboe, NL series (2000). Top joint recently replaced at Lorée factory (May '04); broken in but never cracked. Comes in original case and cover. Price: $4500.00
Posted: 	10/12/2004 	             1997 Marigaux oboe (serial #27388) in excellent condition. It had one small Text Box: wood as grenadilla. Plays like a dream (used for 2 cd recordings) and so beautiful to see! Selling because new oboe with matching plastic top arrived from France. Price: $6775.00
Posted: 	10/2/2004 	           Loree oboe, all plastic. (HA, 1984). These oboes were custom made in the 1980s - about one per year. Includes low Bb, left F, forked-F resonance, low Bb resonance, Bb-B trill, articulated B-C# mechanism and G#-A trill and split ring D key. No 3rd octave key. There is no difference in the sound from a grenadilla instrument or this plastic oboe with a good reed, embouchure -- and player. Great for all-temperature gigs. Comes with new case, cork grease container, screwdriver, reed case and case cover. A rare find. Here's your chance to own a Loree oboe that will never wear out! Price: 3500.00 
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